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The Behemoth==

A Wikia for independent game developer, The Behemoth. Located in San Diego, CA, The behmoth was founded by [John Baez], [Dan Paladin], and [Tom Fulp]. Their website states, "Our mission is to make video games and toys that make your brains explode!"[1]

Games Edit

Game Release Date Platform(s)
Alien Hominid 2004 PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, PC (Flash)
Alien Hominid HD 2007 Xbox 360
Battleblock Theater 2013 Xbox 360, PC (released in 2014)
Castle Crashers 2008 Xbox 360, PS3 (released 2010), PC (released 2012)
PDA Games 2011 iOS
Pit People 2018 Xbox One, PC
Super Soviet Missile Mastar  2011 iOS

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